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Advent calendar, what is its origin?

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It's hard to wait for Christmas? It is good to know that there are Advent calendars. Do you know where this custom comes from? We are going to explain everything you need to know about Advent calendars, a tradition dear to the end of the year celebrations!

Origin of the Advent calendar

First, you should know that Advent is derived from the Latin word “adventus” which translates to “advent”. Therefore, in religious tradition, Advent is the time to prepare for the coming of the Lord and begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas. The custom of Advent calendar is originally from Germany. In the 19th century, many families distributed holy and pious images to children every morning in December, in order to keep them busy until December 25. The images were carefully selected. They were nicely decorated with lace, reliefs, as well as flaps that revealed a photograph in the middle. The calendar we have today looks a lot like the one designed in 1908 by a German publisher named Gehard Lang, who came up with an unfinished cardboard calendar with pictures for each day starting on December 25. It wasn't until 1920 that tiny windows opening day after day were revealed. And what about the tiny molded pieces of chocolate? It will be necessary to wait until 1958 to see the commercialization of it.

Advent calendar today

Santa's Valley Customizable Advent Calendars

Since then, Advent calendars have continued to evolve. Each year, new editions are created (bigger, better quality chocolates, with the image of TV heroes or current music, etc.) There are also Advent calendars that include tea and jewelry, as well as other delicacies, etc. Popular? Yes, they are! Everyone remembers, at least a little, the memories of their childhood when a surprise or a chocolate helped us to express our excitement to be in the middle of Christmas Eve. From today, you can create your own advent calendars, then fill them with treats (figurines or toys, macaroons, candies, etc.) or even special permissions (watch an episode, choose a dinner, etc.).

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