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Santa's Valley: the spirit of Christmas

Santa's Valley selects for you the best of Christmas decoration. With hundreds of references, Santa's Valley is the guarantee of magical end-of-year celebrations and unforgettable moments of sharing. Trees, ornaments, garlands and more, discover our Christmas items now.


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Where can I find my Christmas decoration?

One of the best ways to get great value for money is to shop for Christmas decorations online. You can find all kinds of decorative items to beautify your home. If you want decoration ideas, you can go on social networks like Instagram or Pinterest. You can also find decorations on specialized sites, such as

How to make a beautiful Christmas decoration?

Christmas decorating is an art and a pleasure that can be enjoyed by the whole family. The first step is to find a theme that represents you. Then you can start with the outdoor decor, using lights, garlands and floral decorations. You can also use objects such as figurines or other objects that represent the party.

How to decorate a Christmas table?

Decorating a Christmas table is often a time-consuming process that requires you to be creative. It should be remembered that decoration is an essential part of any party. Most people consider Christmas decoration to be extremely important. If you want to have a beautiful Christmas table, here are some tips to help you get there. Step 1, the colors: the Christmas decoration is quite typical. We must not forget that Christmas is attached to tradition and to winter. Therefore, it is better to use colors such as red, white and green. These colors are close to the whiteness of snow, chosen to warm the cold winter days. 2nd step, the furniture: vYou can use old furniture to decorate your Christmas table. Otherwise, you can also find wooden armchairs or chairs that can be suitable for your table. Stage 3, the decorationsthere is no need to use pretty decorations to spruce up your Christmas table. You can simply use fir branches, Christmas balls and a few handfuls of snow, in case there is too much snow. When using snow, make sure you don't put too much snow on the table, otherwise it may require you to change plates and cutlery. Step 4, the candlesusing candles is a good idea to decorate the Christmas table. These candles will give a soft light to your table. You can also use candles that produce a specific scent, such as ginger, vanilla, and cinnamon. Step 5, the atmosphere To create a Christmas atmosphere, you can use Christmas music or Christmas carols. It's a good idea to use Christmas carols to create a warm atmosphere. You can also use fairy lights, glowing balls and balls, etc.

How to hang a light garland?

Do you want to decorate your Christmas tree with a light garland to embellish it? If only you don't know how to mount it. In this case, know that there are several solutions. You can ask a friend or your family to help you. Or you can also ask a professional to do it. But if you're the type who isn't afraid of DIY, here are some instructions that will give you an idea of how you can mount a string light on a Christmas tree. To start, you should know that you can buy a special adhesive to attach the garland to your tree. You just have to remove the paper that is on it and apply the product to the surface of the tree. Then fix your garland using this adhesive and voila, it is installed. Otherwise, you can also choose to use suction cups to attach your garland to the tree. However, if you don't feel like buying an adhesive, you can also use small nails. Attach the suction cup to your garland, then attach it to the tree using small nails. Finally, there is another solution for attaching your garland to the tree. And it is to fix it with the help of a cord. Once the garland is installed on the tree, you will wrap this same cord around the garland to keep it straight. Finally, if you prefer to make your light garland yourself, nothing prevents you from going for a walk in a DIY store with some instructions that will allow you to build your own garland. You will be able to DIY your garland according to your tastes and your desires and thus install it on your tree.

How to make a Christmas wreath?

It's time to start preparing for the holidays! And it starts with making a Christmas wreath. In fact, the Christmas wreath is one of the most important Christmas symbols. This is a motif that appears in many stories, and even in folklore. This may sound like a difficult task, but it is not. In fact, you can even make a wreath for the whole family! Before you start making your crown, it is important that you first choose a material with which you will be able to make it. In general, Christmas wreaths are made with pine needles. You can also use resin, olive wood, fir wood or cedar wood. To start, you will need to measure the size you want your Christmas wreath to be. You can also decide how big you want your crown to be. You may then need to cut small wafers from your material. Then, you will have to assemble them on your base support by following the following rules: one end of the nail must always be rested on the base support and not on the whole crown. This must be done to avoid problems with balance. After assembling your Christmas wreath, you can start decorating it. To do this, you need to lay a piece of fabric on top of the set and attach it to the base support. You can also decide to use a ribbon to give your wreath a more sophisticated look and to show that Christmas has arrived. You can also decide to put small ornaments in the direction of the crown so that the effect is exceptional. You can also decorate the top of your crown with small ornaments which will also create a festive atmosphere. But above all, don't forget to give free rein to your imagination!

What are the most popular decorative elements for a Christmas party table?

For the Christmas holidays, it's time to decorate your home with a festive and magical atmosphere. Start by dressing your artificial Christmas tree with LED fairy lights, golden balls and twinkling bulbs. Hang artificial fir branches from your curtain to add an extra decorative touch to your interior. For your centerpiece, place clear jars filled with gold pine cones and white LED candles in a decorative vase. For your festive table, add decorated Christmas napkins and original candle holders in the shape of a snowman or pastel origami. Hang an LED guinguette light garland for an additional festive touch. Create your DIY Advent calendar using branches and electric garlands to illuminate your interior. Decorate your outdoor garden with lighted artificial Christmas trees and fir garlands for a fairytale effect. Don't forget to hang decorative candle holders for a warm and festive atmosphere for your guests. Merry Christmas !

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