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What size Christmas tree to choose?

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How big is your Christmas tree? What are the ideal dimensions? Should you go for a bigger tree, a smaller one, or a completely different design? Here are some things to consider when buying the perfect artificial Christmas tree.

By determining the correct size and shape by determining the correct height and shape, you can be sure that your tree will be able to fit in the space you have allotted it. It will also help you decide on the size and type of Christmas decorations to buy. To help you choose the ideal tree, we suggest four steps to follow.

1 – Choose a place for your Christmas tree

Before you start looking for the perfect tree, you need to decide where you want to place it. Here are the places where we most often place theChristmas tree, along with the most important things to consider when choosing the best location.

  • The living room: choose this place for your Christmas tree, which will be synonymous with good times spent with your loved ones.
  • The entrance: install the Christmas tree in your entrance hall to welcome your guests
  • The dining room: create a festive setting around a meal with a small Christmas tree or an ornamental centerpiece
  • The bedroom: choose a Christmas tree with a pre-lit christmas lamp to turn on a fairy light at bedtime
  • Other Places: From the hallway to the library to the office, your home is full of nooks and crannies to place a Christmas tree

2 – Check the available space

After choosing an area, it's time to measure the available space. Not sure about the size of your future artificial Christmas tree? Follow our suggestions below.

  1. The following materials should be prepared: a measuring tape, a stepladder, a pencil and paper
  2. With the stepladder and the adhesive tape, determine the distance between the ceiling and the floor using the measuring tape
  3. If you plan to use the crest of a tree, subtract 30 centimeters from the measured height. If you don't want decorations at the top of the Christmas tree, subtract 15 centimeters from the height of the tree. This gives you the height of your tree with the base included
  4. Check the floor space available for your tree using your tape measure. This should be done after changing the layout of your room to get a clear idea of the available space
  5. Subtract 30 centimeters from your measurement and note the resulting measurement. This is the size of your future tree

3 – Find the ideal size of the tree

There are a wide variety of sizes and shapes of artificial Christmas trees. As you browse through the different patterns, make sure they match the measurements you took.

How to choose the right height of the Christmas tree you have chosen

Aim for 30 centimeters between the top point of the tree and its ceiling to create the standard tree crest.

  • Less than 150 cm: on a table, in a bedroom, a child's room or a secondary room
  • From 150 to 170 cm: small living rooms
  • From 180 to 200 cm: rooms with low ceilings
  • From 210 to 230 cm: standard ceilings at a height of 240 to 270 cm
  • From 240 to 365 cm: rooms with high ceilings

4 – Other factors to consider

The dimensions of your Christmas tree may depend on other aspects such as the decorations you choose to use and the dimensions of your living space. Before buying anything, remember to consider the following aspects.

Room proportions

When choosing your tree, it is important to think about the proportions of your space. A small tree won't suit a large room, while a huge tree might make a small space seem even smaller.

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