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Christmas socks, what is the origin of the tradition?

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Many traditions are linked to the Christmas period. For example, the tradition of hang socks over the fireplace is still practiced in some families. Here are some details about the story of this pretty Christmas custom.

Christmas stockings, an ancient tradition

Hanging socks on the fireplace during the Christmas period is a tradition that has existed for a long time! Everyone knows that it is through the chimney that Santa Claus enters the house to distribute gifts to good children.

What could be more practical than having socks to wrap your gifts? In fact, the custom of christmas socks is part of the tale of Saint Nicholas. Three young girls, who were sisters, left their wet socks to dry by the fireside.

Inspired by their history and their extreme poverty, Saint Nicolas decided to pour three bags of gold into their chimneys. The coins fell into the dry socks. This Christmas was the birth of a tradition! Today, the children who hang their Christmas stockings by the fireplace should not believe that they will be filled with gold… but rather with treats and toys!

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