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When to open Christmas presents?

Christmas gifts the day before or after

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The approach of the holiday season brings its share of joyful traditions, delicious feasts and warm moments spent with family. Among the most anticipated rituals of the Christmas period is undoubtedly opening gifts. Every year this question arises: should we open them on Christmas Eve, the evening of December 24, or wait patiently until the morning of December 25? It's a debate that animates many families around the world.

In this article, we'll dive into this fascinating and sometimes controversial question: what is the best approach to opening Christmas gifts? Is it the age-old tradition of discovering them on Christmas morning that prevails, or are there valid reasons to open them the day before, on New Year's Eve? We will explore the arguments for both options, the benefits of each tradition, as well as the influence of the evolution of our modern lives on this beloved custom.

So, get ready to enter the enchanted world of Christmas gifts and discover why, for some, waiting until the next day adds a magical touch to this celebration marked by conviviality.

Christmas tradition: opening presents on Christmas morning

Opening Christmas presents on Christmas morning is a tradition that dates back centuries and which is deeply rooted in many cultures around the world. For many families, it is the most anticipated moment of the entire holiday season. But what makes this tradition so special, and why do so many people continue to wait patiently for December 25 to discover their precious gifts?

The magic of Christmas morning

For many children (and even young-hearted adults), Christmas morning means pure magic. Eyes light up at the thought of what awaits them under the Christmas tree. Expectations are sky high, and the excitement is palpable in the air. Tradition dictates that Santa Claus secretly dropped off the presents during the night, which adds a mystical dimension to this experience.

Children wake up early, often at first light, eager to see what Santa has brought them. This anticipation, this adrenaline rush, is an integral part of the magic of Christmas. When the salon doors finally open, faces light up at the sight of the carefully wrapped packages and the promises of adventure and joy within.

Family sharing

Opening presents on Christmas morning is often a time for family gatherings. Loved ones gather in the living room, dressed in their Christmas pajamas and ready to share smiles, laughter and emotions. It is a time when family ties are strengthened, where you warm up around a fireplace or a cup of hot chocolate.

The children enthusiastically unwrap their presents, sharing their joy with the adults around them. Parents, for their part, enjoy the joy of seeing their children amazed. Gifts become a way to express love and affection for one's family, and they create precious memories that will last a lifetime.

The tradition of midnight mass

In many cultures, opening gifts on Christmas morning is preceded by Midnight Mass, a religious celebration that marks the birth of Jesus Christ. Midnight Mass recalls the very essence of Christmas as a religious holiday, and it is often followed by a family Christmas vigil. Gifts thus bring a spiritual dimension to the celebration.

Why do some people prefer to open gifts on December 25?

While opening presents on Christmas morning is a well-established tradition for many families, others prefer to take a different approach while waiting until December 25th. For these people, the wait itself is a source of joy, and it brings its share of unique advantages.

New Year’s Eve: a celebration in itself

For those who choose to wait until Christmas Day to open their presents, New Year's Eve takes on special meaning. It is a time of celebration in itself, marked by festive meals, Christmas carols, family games and perhaps even attending a midnight mass. This night allows create unforgettable memories even before discovering the gifts.

Waiting until morning adds an element of anticipation to the New Year's Eve party. Children may go to bed with the excitement of what awaits them the next day, creating a feeling of excitement and daydreaming.

Enjoy the magic of Christmas when you wake up

Opening presents on Christmas morning allows you to fully enjoy the magic of the season. The first rays of the sun that light up the day bring a special touch to the experience. The children wake up with the excitement of discovering the presents under the tree, and this moment becomes a precious memory.

The wait also creates an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of Christmas and the importance of gifts in this tradition. It's a time to express gratitude to those who took the time to choose special and thoughtful gifts.

A festive start to the day

Opening presents on Christmas morning creates a festive start to the day. It’s an opportunity to get together as a family as soon as you wake up, to share moments of joy and curiosity. Breakfast can be transformed into a special Christmas meal, where sweets and treats are enjoyed.

This tradition also allows it to extend throughout Christmas day, with the possibility of continuing to play with new toys, spending time with family and extend the magic of the season.

Changing Traditions: Exploring Different Approaches to Opening Gifts at Christmas

Over the years, the traditions surrounding opening Christmas presents have evolved to reflect the changes in our lives and lifestyles. While some families continue to open their presents on Christmas morning, others take more flexible approaches to accommodate busy schedules or changing family realities.

The challenges of modern life

In our modern world, busy schedules, geographically dispersed extended families, and varied commitments can make the traditional celebration of Christmas morning difficult. Many families must juggle compromises so that everyone can participate in opening gifts.

Some therefore opt for alternative approaches, such as opening gifts on New Year's Eve or even at a precisely chosen time to bring together all members of the family. The main objective remains the celebration as a family, even if it means moving away from tradition.

Customizing Traditions

Every family is unique, and that's why some choose to personalize their Christmas traditions based on their preferences and values. For some, that means opening just one gift on New Year's Eve, while the others wait for Christmas morning to discover all the presents.

Others incorporate elements of different cultures and family traditions into their celebration, creating a unique Christmas experience. The main thing is to create meaningful and memorable moments as a family.

Importance of celebration and joy

Whatever approach you choose to opening gifts, the essence of Christmas remains the celebration of love, joy and sharing with family and friends. Gifts are just symbols of that love and affection, whether they are opened on Christmas morning, New Year's Eve, or any other special time.

Ultimately, how you choose to celebrate Christmas and open your gifts depends on what is most meaningful to you and your family. It doesn't matter when or how it is done, the main thing is to create warm and happy memories which will remain engraved in hearts for Christmases to come.


Whether you opt for the tradition of opening presents on Christmas morning, for a more flexible approach or for a complete personalization of your celebration, Christmas remains a magical time of sharing and joy. Gifts are only part of this celebration, and the essence of Christmas lies in family bonds, love and generosity.

So whether you open your gifts at dawn or another special moment, follow a well-established tradition or create a new one, the important thing is to celebrate this time with those you love and create precious memories that light up your hearts during the holidays. Merry Christmas to everyone !

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