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Organic beauty gift ideas: tips for Christmas

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Here we are! Christmas is just around the corner, the list of gifts and things to do is growing longer as the time gets shorter and shorter. Every year, at this time, our main thought is to choose original and innovative gifts to give to the people we care about. Choosing a gift is not a simple thing, quite the contrary… there is a real syndrome called gift stress. You have to choose it by thinking about the tastes of the person to whom you are going to offer it: their uses and their passions. It is precisely for this reason that we want to give you some useful tips. Let’s discover the tips for many organic beauty gift ideas!

1 – How to choose gifts?

Choosing a Christmas gift for someone dear to us, as we have already said, is not always easy. Often we run out of ideas and risk resorting to those quick, pointless thoughts that excite no one. It's so nice to see the packages under the Christmas tree...and even nicer to discover what's inside. To make Christmas magical for you and others, why not choose eco-friendly beauty gifts? So, in addition to doing good for those who receive your donation, you will take care of the planet. Today's times are now green and there is nothing more beautiful and wiser than offering vegan and cruelty-free products.

2 – Organic beauty gift ideas for her

Finding the ideal gift for your friend, your mother, your sister or your work colleague is always a mammoth undertaking. If you are thinking of something related to the world of beauty, why not do something original and surprise the interested person with an organic and vegan thought? Here are some organic beauty gift ideas for her.

2.1 – Feminine cosmetics for face, body and hair care

Original, elegant and certainly very popular and appreciated, are the natural cosmetics boxes. On the market you can find different ranges of products, differentiated between cosmetics for cleaning and facial care, complete care for all skin types, hygiene and body care products, anti-cellulite treatments, masks, shampoos and conditioners for all hair types, boxes of artisanal or solid soaps dedicated to hair, face and body. You can also opt for the choice of individual cosmetic products to match at your discretion and taste. On the site of bellema you will find a wide choice of natural luxury Moroccan cosmetic products. Unique products designed by Bellesma experts: items designed by: sweet almond oil, shea butter, royal bee jelly, argan oil, honey, cocoa powder, prickly pear seed oil

2.2 – Pamper the body

Another original gift with which you will surely make a good impression is a massage product. You can treat yourself with natural organic candles and balms, formulated with a mixture of essential oils with high potential, which combined together will perform useful functions for relaxation, stimulating, antioxidant, emollient, but also firming, anti-stress , sensual, anti-aging and much more. And after a massage, what could be more beautiful than a hot bath enriched with bath salts with relaxing, toning and regenerating properties? Another excellent hug to offer that will certainly be appreciated, perfect for warming up during the harsh winter ahead.

2.3 – Apply makeup

Finally, we cannot fail to mention another very welcome and feminine organic beauty gift idea to put under the tree: makeup products. You can indulge in brush sets, eyeshadow palettes, cosmetic bags to fill with mascara, eyebrow, eye and lip pencils, lipsticks and glosses, nail polishes , bronzers and blushes for the face and much more, all formulated with good natural INCI, based on pure butters and pigments, waxes and virgin oils. Among the lipsticks and glosses that immediately remind you of Christmas, we certainly find the red ones. There is no Christmas party without red lacquered lips… without alluring black, gray or blue smokey eyes… and without Christmas nail art with colored nails in red, gold, silver or black. Your friends will be delighted and delighted to discover all the attention you paid to the choice of these natural 100% beauty treats reserved for them.

3 – Organic beauty gift ideas for him

But beauty is not just feminine! Men want their share too. In recent years, many beauty products dedicated to men's skin have become widespread, and the choice is truly embarrassing. Here are some tips for surprising him with a beauty gift under the tree.

3.1 – Men’s line

Not only for women but also for men, body care is important and natural and organic cleansers, creams and serums, shower gels and deodorants, formulated only with original raw materials and active ingredients, will certainly be very appreciated as gifts natural Christmas products to respect human skin and the environment. Natural products for beard and shaving care are also very popular: shaving creams and oils, gels, foams, bars of soap and shaving foams, detergents, soaps and balms.

3.2 – Pure and organic 100% essential oils

We cannot forget the very precious pure essential oils, a true gift from the earth to bring the strong power of nature into your home and to those who will receive it as a gift. Each one different in its natural composition, they all have unique aromas and benefits!

Essential oils are perfect when used as active ingredients in neutral natural creams, lotions, shower gels or shampoos. By dropping a few drops into a carrier oil, you can create your ideal product for massages or specific treatments for the face, body and hair. You can also benefit from their beneficial properties by diluting them in bath water, fumigations and foot baths. Also widely used in aromatherapy, with the help of specific diffusers you can release their properties, providing emotions, relaxation, as well as memories and sensations. They can also be used in cooking. Thanks to their multiple properties, they will provide well-being to all needs. By offering an essential oil, you will offer several products in one.

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