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Christmas decoration

Discover the best of Christmas decoration by Santa's Valley. Christmas trees, ornaments, lights, garlands, nativity scenes, villages and more

Decorate your hallways with the most beautiful Christmas decorations. From snow globes to crests to stocking stuffers, Santa's Valley has a variety of Christmas decorations that match your style. Start with a theme, or browse our large collection of options for inspiration.


Christmas decorations that will make the Christmas tree shine

Make your tree more attractive to impress your guests and loved ones. Santas's Valley offers a wide selection of ornaments available in a variety of patterns and colors to make your decorations pop. Whether you like classic greens and reds and sleek metallics, or rustic plaids and patterns, you're bound to find something to suit your preferences. Our premium ball sets allow you to mix and match your decorations over the years. Our themed collections, which can be used alone or in combination with basic pieces, allow you to create the atmosphere you want. Add decorative spikes and stem bouquets to give relief and shine to your trees. These ornaments are versatile and can be scattered around the branches of your tree, or incorporated into garlands and wreaths, or simply placed in a bowl or vase.


Perfect finishing touches

Garlands and ribbons are the perfect option to add the finishing touch to your decor. Wrap ribbons around the tree, then apply the same ribbons to decorate gifts and different rooms in your home. To create a cohesive style, put a knot at the base of your tree using a beautiful fir tree stand.

Finally, decorate your tree with a great crest. You can opt for a timeless look by adorning your tree with an eagle crest made up of a star and an angel or opt for a more contemporary design, choose flowers in a bouquet.


Create a festive atmosphere

Add the magic of Christmas to every room in your home by installing elegant Christmas decorations for a memorable Christmas party. Santa's Valley offers decorations that transform any space and instantly add a touch of elegance to gatherings. Make your guests feel at home with a stunning tabletop tree or mix and match several tree sizes to create your own winter wonderland. Christmas scents fill the air with scents that bring back memories of the holidays. To create a warm and safe atmosphere, place a few unlit candles on tables or mantels. They are the perfect complement to vintage-inspired snow globes as well as other treasures that will bring back fond memories. Keep your traditions alive by slipping little treats into your kids' Christmas stockings. To add some bright color to your living room, consider unique sock racks.


Outdoor decorations that bring joy

Transform your front porch into a welcoming space with Christmas decorations for your outdoor space. Life-size and whimsical Christmas figures make an impressive impression on passers-by and guests. Place animals and decorations on your lawn or driveway to welcome them. In the evening, light up your porch with lights and lanterns to set the mood for celebrations. This year, you can enjoy magical moments with your loved ones by choosing Christmas decorations that will last for many years. Find the best Christmas decorations for your home by visiting the Santa's Valley website.

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